Purchase Department

Actually in this website, we are providing only guidelines for a purchaser. If one fills a requirement form completely given in this site, then we can gave probable rates in that area also we can provide list of “dalal” and real estate agent in that area. if any property matching to the requirement is found in our data bank or registered with us, we shall publish its details.

Purchase Section is made to help the purchaser to get genuine property at genuine rate.

Do’s and Don’ts for the purchaser

1. The land should be free from the any legal complications.

2. The Land should be registered in revenue record, “bhuiya” etc.

3. Its land use in town planning scheme should match with the purchasing land for example – residencies Land use for residence, Industrial for industry etc.

4. It should have proper “batankan” or/and “sammilan” in revenue record.

5. It should have proper “simmankan”.

6. The land should free from any type of encroachment.

7. The land should not fall under any government schemes, which might fail the purpose of purchasing of land.

8. Papers of previous owner should not create any doubt.(registry, “ butwara naama” “vashiyat” etc.)

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