Sell Department

Here we are giving only guideline to seller if One Fills forms for seller given this in n website we can guide the seller about the guidelines of the selling rates , market rates of the area etc. we can provide names of “dalal”/ real estate agent working in that area. We can also guide about advertisement in different news papers and websites we can also guide the seller for property registration formalities and expanses etc. In nut shall the sales section is make to help the seller to sell this property at genuine rate without any problem. Dos and Don’ts of the sellers – 1. All the relevant papers of the property should be in the legal order. 2. The land should registered in revenue record “bhiya”. 3. It should have proper “batankan” or / and “sammilan” in revenue record. 4. It should have proper simmankan. 5. If any irregularity or court case or illegal encroachment is there in the property then, it should be make clear to the purchaser 6. If the land area is more or less actually at site then shown in the land record paper then this should be made clear

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