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Understanding Micro Containment

To begin with, it is important to understand that while The Meadows and Elysium have been currently designated micro containment zones, all of Shantigram is NOT a containment area.

Safety and Health – Together We Can Shantigram is also one of the greenest residential projects in Ahmedabad. The natural ventilation, expansive green spaces, great sunlight, and beautiful views support mental health and happiness. We aim to create a nurturing community that will work together for the health and safety of its residents. Containing the spread of the pandemic and caring for those affected are indeed short-term goals but the larger endeavour is to build a space that is an environment of trust and joy for the homeowners.

Small areas where many COVID-19 cases have been reported are designated as micro-containment zones. These are different from containment zones because the latter comes with severe restrictions on the residents. In the Medows and Elysium, the restrictions are largely self-imposed and not as severe as in containment areas. Medical supplies, groceries, and essentials are all permitted with appropriate health checks for those delivering these.

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